Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Today we have on the show Owen Murphy, an 11-year-old stand up comedian, Michael Quinn from the State DEC about hunting, and Terry Johnson of the 'Swamp Drivers.'

6 AM Hour

- Andrew has a rough start to the morning as he broke the coffee pot and then he broke about 8 wine glasses!

- We speak with Peter Franklin, The Gabby Cabby, live from New York City with his true tales! He also gives the best tour in New York City! Visit his website!

7 AM Hour

- Jack Kunkel is in from Revolutionary Wellness and he has written a new book called 'It's Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss.' He talks to us about what proper nutrition is and what it means to living a better lifestyle.

- Owen sticks around and does a little mini-set for us and he is FUNNY!

8 AM Hour

- We have Michael Quinn in from the State DEC and he's talking to us about the importance of hunting when it comes to conservation and food donation opportunities for hunting. He talks to us about all things hunting.

- Terry Johnson continued. He demonstrates some of his awesome custom made instruments.