Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

6 AM Hour

Jim Rondenelli is sitting in this morning for Andrew - who is off to see Billy Joel.

Fox's Rachel Sutherland on President Trump planning to unveil his new immigration measures today.

Our intern, Utica College women's hockey goalie Keira Goin talks superstition ahead of tomorrow's home playoff game.

7 AM Hour

Jeffrey Miller is a professor at Utica College who is on to share his thoughts on the relationship between the Trump Administration and the media. Miller describes himself as a two fisted progressive.

We speak with John Dias, a former heroin addict who is now helping others through 'Stand Up Syracuse'. John kicked the drug without professional help and is now working with others to turn their lives around.

8 AM Hour

Wendy Patrick is a legal expert with Fox News Radio. She has some wild stories from the legal world:

  • Man sues Uber for using his wife's phone to Uber an affair
  • Woman in court to obtain protective order is arrest by ICE agents
  • Lisa Marie Presley alleges sexual misconduct against kids as her marriage unravels

The latest on the Milo Yiannopoulus story. Monaski and Keeler discuss, and Monaski admits he was mislead by the spinning Yiannopoulus was doing in his press conference as he resigned from Breitbart yesterday.

Checking in with CNN correspondent Ryan Nobles. What will the Trump administration do this time around with the travel ban?

Scott and Michelle of Reimagine Records join us to talk about the resurgence of vinyl.

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