I have a weak stomach - kinda grossed out by insects, and I certainly don't eat them.

I know in some cultures certain types of insects are considered a delicacy. And, I know 'they say' people consume X number of ground up bugs in their foods each year, but until Friday I had never knowingly eaten an insect or something made from insects.

So, I unknowingly (thanks to our awesome intern Angelo) ate a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie - made from Bud's 100% pure cricket powder.

We were on location at a broadcast on Friday. Angelo passed a tray of delicious looking cookies to me and says, 'Try one, they're really good.' As I was chewing the cookie, a guest Angelo booked - Andrew Fellows - walks over and asks if I'd ever tried 'these' before.

Me: Sure, I've had pumpkin chocolate chip cookies before. These are good, did you make them?

Andrew Fellows: Cookies made from cricket powder?

Me: What??!!

I have to say, though, it was good. I had no idea. I did finish the cookie, after pausing for a moment. The product is completely ground like flour, so there were no wings, or legs or heads in the cookie.

Take a listen to our Keeler in the Morning discussion with Andrew Fellows of the Harrison Food Group about Bud's Cricket Powder and why to consider using insect based products.