2017 Is A Pivotal Year For The Mohawk Valley: Be Heard

Whether it's the divisive issues over:

  • how best to redevelop downtown Utica and revitalize Herkimer with hundreds of millions of dollars in grants;
  • the contentious question of whether it is money well spent or not;
  • whether the many stand to benefit or the few;
  • the promise of nanotechnology; or even the potential rise to presidency from one of New York State's very own

Here is the opportunity to let the influencers know where you stand!

While we all know the opinions on many of the issues from within our circle of family and friends - where does the Mohawk Valley stand as a whole?

Let's take this opportunity to discover what thousands of people believe about the choices that will impact us and the next generation.

Also, we have a fun and new exciting tool called Tribal AnalyticsSM that allows people to discover their Tribe and see themselves beyond divisive demographics like race, gender or age.

The Zogbys have discovered that there are 11 new Tribes that make up modern America.  Based on nine years of research and nearly 10,000 survey respondents from all walks of life - we present the opportunity for you to see which Neo-Tribe you best align with and where you fit into the new mosaic of America - based on values and attributes - and beyond divisive demographics.

Follow the link below, be heard, and find your Tribe!

...Contributed by John Zogby Strategies...

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