Wednesday, May 25th, 2016


6 AM Hour

Keeler and Kristine talk politics.

Bill Clinton, oops or rather Bill Cosby, was in court yesterday.  You'll have to listen to the audio

We speak with Fox News' Tonya J. Powers about Hillary Clinton's decision to not participate in a debate before the California primary.

Keeler recaps some of the weird news stories of the day including the story of a man who blamed his DUI on a beer battered-fish fry.

We talk with Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, who shares his "True Tales" from New York.

7 AM Hour

Keeler gives Monaski and Producer Andrew the fastest guitar lesson ever - well, maybe not.  He plays Francesca's guitar, which was fixed by Tope over the weekend.

Chief Ron Petrie from Frankfort joins us to talk about his wrongful termination lawsuit.  He filed a notice of claim on Monday.


Happy birthday to:

  • Roger Dziegiel, Jr. from Clinton
  • R.J. Savage from Marcy
  • Sam Ventura from Whitesboro

The certificate for the birthday cake from the Florentine Pastry Shop in Utica goes to Sam.  Congratulations!


Wes from Utica tries his hand at today's Free Money Question of the Day.  He wins a gift certificate from Carmela's Cafe in New Hartford.

Gary and Jack play "Name the Game Show Theme."   They both win certificates from Carmela's.

8 AM Hour

P.W. Creighton joins us to talk about his ghost-hunting class at Herkimer College.

We speak with Ify Seales, a former prosecutor turned defense attorney, about the Bill Cosby assault case.

Ryan Faro, the intern, takes his turn at sportscasting.


Enjoy your day!